Dinner and a pint || Lukas and Libby

Like she expected, when she and Lukas parted ways, and she had finished with her school work, she went to her room and layed on her bed, and closed her eyes, claiming that it was only for a couple of moment. Every year around the time,  Libby was the same. She had been the same since she was a little girl. Since her mothers death. And she couldn’t hate it more. She didn’t want to feel like that. She wanted to be her normal self, and not wanting to hide away like she was a pathetic little girl. She wanted to be able to face the whole thing and embrace the fact that her mother had died over ten years ago. But it just wasn’t going to happy. This was the reason why she was glad that she had bumped into Lukas. He had kept her mind off the whole thing for a little bit and then he had said he would meet her later, another reason to keep her mind of what was going on in her crazy brain. 

The girl woke to the closing of the door, and she quickly scrambled around to look at the time, 6:45pm. “Crap!” Libby cursed, jumping off her bed. She threw open her wardrobe and looked for anything that would be half decent for a date. 

She settled on her denim mini skirt and a checkered shirt, that being the first thing that was half way decent for a date. 6:51pm. 10 minutes before she had to meet Lukas. She could definitely get ready in time. The tall ginger ran into the bathroom, throwing her other clothes in the pile in the corner, vowing to tidy them up later, and threw on the clothes she had decided to wear for the date. Doing a quick spell on her hair so that it looked at least a little respectable. 

Quickly she shouted a goodbye to Duke and stole another look at the clock, 7:01pm. She really hoped that Lukas wasn’t on to be bothered about if a girl was late or not. 

She rounded the corner and saw that Lukas was already there, “I’m soooo sorry that I’m late!” She cringe with a smile. “I kind of fell asleep. I just hope you can forgive me!”